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Hi, Zara Ashton your singing teacher here, I offer singing lessons in Malvern Worcestershire; students come to me from nearby towns and cities such as Worcester, Ledbury, Upton-on-Severn, Pershore, Evesham, Tewkesbury, Droitwich, Hereford, Gloucester and Cheltenham.Singing teacher Zara performing  

I specialise in modern music vocal styles including pop, rock, r&b, soul, jazz, blues, country etc., all abilities, male and female. (Sorry, over 17s only)

With me you will receive individual and sympathetic one-to-one vocal tuition in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The study of singing encompasses two main aims. Firstly, learning basic singing in a relaxed and healthy way and, secondly, adding style and character to your voice. Some of this breaks the 'rules' but gives you the tools essential for creating a performance rather than just letting what happens happen - think how an artist uses a different brush according to the effect they want to create.

Why choose me? Well, with years of successful professional singing, genuine recording contracts, releases and TV appearances, hundreds of sessions and over 3000 gigs under my belt, I have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to draw upon as well as my own training and research. I'm still in demand for gigs and sessions after more than 20 years in the business. As a teacher with a successful singing career I am able to teach you far more than the mechanical basics of how to sing. You will gain a real insight into how to get the best out of your own unique instrument and work with me in developing your very own great style, singing the songs you love, whilst at the same time becoming aware of vocal health issues, essential for your voice's longevity.

For the ambitious and talented I have useful contacts and lots of positive, invaluable advice to help you be successful in getting out there and doing it. If you are a professional singer, I'll explain how (and why) to join a union such as Equity or the Musicians' Union to look after your professional interests.

Using the Contact Form , email me, text or call me NOW on 0780 340 0770, to arrange your introductory lesson. I'm really looking forward to meeting you and your unique voice, so don't hesitate  - email, text, call me now and take that first step towards fulfilling your vocal potential!

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Self-Help Singing Software Products
PurePitch link Pitching problems? Or would you like to have 'perfect pitch'? Here is the complete Absolute Pitch and Relative Pitch training kit. $97 (about 67). Useful supplement to lessons. Click logo to find out more.
Sing & See - See your voice, Hear the results! Sing & See software gives you real-time feedback between lessons. See what pitch you are singing in easy-to-understand musical displays that will help you to focus on improving your vocal technique. I use this myself to check up on my own breath control and vibrato. Good value at $59 (about 41). Click logo for more info.
Singorama link Teach yourself audio singing course. If you can't find a singing teacher near you this course can help, although pre-recorded lessons can't replace a good teacher. Also includes software; a mini recording studio and a computer game to improve your pitching. $99.95 (about 67). Click logo to find out more.

Recommended Reading

Roger Love book for beginners Roger Love's excellent book for beginners or near beginners explains the basics of contemporary singing without getting too technical. It includes a CD with some great vocal exercises to build your voice. Suits male and female voices.
Anne Peckham advanced vocal workouts For the more advanced contemporary singer this book and CD by Anne Peckham contains some great workouts to take your singing up to the next level. Can be used to maintain a well-trained voice. All the exercises have explanatory notes within the book. Suitable for high and low male and female voices.
Recommended Products
Use when your voice is tired, or to help prevent damage if you are doing a lot of singing. I suggest three times a day.

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