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Got a question? See if it is answered below.

Q. What, exactly, do you teach?
A. I offer singing tuition covering the following areas according to the studentís identified needs and wishes: Voice care, breathing, breath control, tone enhancement, tone control, pitching, agility, expression, dynamics, vibrato, embellishments, harmony, rhythm, ad-lib, elements of style, tour survival, musical genre-specific idiosyncrasies. To achieve this I use not only a variety of exercises, but also songs compatible with the student's taste.

Q. Would you teach someone like me?
A. My students are adults (or nearly), 17-90, male and female, and from all walks of life. They tend to fit into the following categories:

  • singers seeking general improvement

  • singers with a specific vocal problem

  • virtual beginners who want to learn to sing

  • professionals requiring a vocal coach

Q. Can you correct a specific vocal problem?
A. I have particular success in sensitively identifying and rectifying studentís problem areas through demonstration and corrective exercises.

Q. If I get voice training will I end up sounding like an opera singer?
Not if you come to me! Although some aspects of singing are common to both classical and contemporary singing, you will be learning different techniques.

Q. Do you teach classical?
No, I am a contemporary specialist. Most of my students want to be pop, rock or R & B singers but I also teach jazz, blues, country, musical theatre, anything except classical, in fact.

Q. Will I have to take exams?
Only if you want to obtain recognised certificates to mark your achievements. If this is your requirement I will be teaching you using the Rockschool syllabus.

Q. How much do you charge?
£30 for the initial consultation - this is reduced to £20 if you 'like' my Facebook Page (see below), which gives you access to my vocal helpline, singing tips and special offers. After that, £30 per 1 hour lesson, paid in advance, 

Q. Where are the lessons held?
At my home in Malvern, Worcs., or online.

Q. Do I have to be able to play an instrument?
No, the lessons are done by ear. For some exercises you will need access to an instrument of some kind to get reference notes, I'll guide you through this. Alternatively there are some online pianos that you can play from your computer's qwerty keyboard or mouse (Here's one: Apronus ). 

Q. Will I have to learn to read music?
Yes for Rockschool, otherwise no. If you are serious about your singing it will be to your advantage to be able to read music, though. I can teach you the basics of reading alongside your singing instruction if you wish.

Q. My child wants singing lessons.  Will I have to be present, and how young will you teach?
Sorry but due to chaperone necessities I don't teach under 17s.

Q. Are you CRB/DBS checked?

Q. Will there be work to do outside the lessons?
For most students, yes. Your voice is an instrument and you are learning to play it, so there are techniques to learn and practise. Also, voice training is a bit like a cross between training to be a gymnast, and weight training, and it takes time to build up the muscles used, as well as training your muscle memory. You can't possibly do this in one session a week, so for best results you will have to invest some time daily outside lessons. However, some students just want to have fun, learn more about singing and take things at a more leisurely pace, and that's fine too.

Q. How do singers like Mariah Carey and Leona Lewis  get those impressively strong high notes? When I sing in that range my voice is weak and breathy.
They use an advanced style called Belting, which unless done correctly, can easily damage your voice. If singing like this is your goal, I can help you learn to belt safely and consistently.

Q. Can I increase my range? I want to be able to sing really high notes.
You will find that as you train your range increases and I can help you reach your potential. However there is a natural limit to what your voice range is going to be. This is based on the physical shape and size of your vocal apparatus and you have to work with it, not against it. Some students have aspirations to be a different type of singer but this is unrealistic and pretty pointless, because whatever voice type you are there are plenty of great songs out there for you.

Q. Do you teach voice care? I have my first tour coming up and I'm scared I'm going to lose my voice.
Yes I include this very early on as part of my general teaching for all students, as neglecting even one aspect of voice care can have disastrous consequences.

Q. I'm untrained and I think I have damaged my voice. Can you teach me how to sing correctly?
I would have to interview you first. I may recommend that you consult an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist before commencing lessons.

Q. I've never trained but have been singing for some time. Will I have to start my training from scratch or can I skip some of it?
There will be lots that you have learnt which I won't need to teach you, but if you are reading this you will fall into one of two categories. The first is that you are having problems. Most likely you have learnt some bad habits. These will have to be 'unlearnt' and replaced by safer, more effective techniques. The second category are those who have become aware that they need to get some knowledge to avoid problems in the future. Whichever category you are in, you will be surprised how much insight you get from having lessons with me. Look forward to several 'Eureka' moments!

Q. Are you able to offer remote lessons via Skype? How does that work?
A. You will need a PC with free downloadable Skype software, broadband, a webcam and headset. Calls are free with Skype, you'll pay only for the lessons, charged at the normal rate, upfront to me via Paypal. The availability of lessons is subject to a successful test run.

Call me NOW on 01684 573186 or 0780 340 0770, or email me to arrange your introductory lesson. Don't hesitate  - do it now and start to fulfil your vocal potential!



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