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“The best and coolest teacher I have ever had for any subject!” EH, Bewdley

“I was playing my first ever gig within a month” BD, Worcester

“Duke, you make learning fun” PB, Cheltenham

“That was the best lesson I’ve ever had” TC, Droitwich

“I tried books and videos but you can’t beat a one-to-one with Duke” AL, Hereford


How quickly will I be able to play songs?

We are all different of course but you should be able to play a simple song  with about five hours of practice (over a week or more - not in one go). It probably won't sound perfect, but at least recognizable.

How often do I need to practise?

If you play fifteen minutes a week, expect it to take at least a year to get the very basics under your fingers. Practise fifteen minutes a day and you will notice that things are getting easier after only a week. Practise several hours a day and you will be a guitar god very quickly.

I only like playing Rock Guitar (or Country Guitar or Jazz or whatever) why do I have to play pop songs and rhythm guitar?

What you should learn when you first start, no matter what style you want to aspire to, is the same basic chords, and developing a sense of rhythm. Any serious guitarist in any style should know all of the things in the beginners course because it is essential to all styles.

My fingers hurt and have deep grooves in them, should I stop practising?

Yes, if it is truly painful, then you should take a break. A bit sore is fine, and normal. The grooves in your fingers are quite normal. They will toughen up after a short time and you won't notice it at all.